Buying a property

Once you have instructed us, we will need to find out some more information about the property and your circumstances.

To help us in asking the right questions of the seller's solicitors, we will send you a client questionnaire to fill in and return to us.

Due to the current money laundering regulations we are obliged to check your identity so we will ask for copies of your passport and copies of an old utility bill.

We will also need to carry out searches against the property on your behalf. We will apply for searches to the Local Authority and the Water Company and carry out an Environmental Search and Chancel Search if necessary on the land and immediately adjacent area.

The seller's Solicitors will send us a copy of the seller's Title Deeds, some Information Questionnaires completed by the Seller (including a list of fittings such as carpets, appliances etc which the Seller intends taking or leaving) and a Contract.

We will read through these carefully and ask any more questions that are necessary bearing in mind the information you will have given us when returning your form. We will send you copies of these documents with a full written Report in order that you can let us know if anything concerns you, if the items being left accord with your understanding and if the Plan of the property seems accurate.

Once we have received the results of the searches on your property which usually this takes two weeks, we will consider these carefully and if necessary ask further questions of the council and seller solicitors.

Dealing with your mortgage?

You will probably be obtaining a mortgage to help pay for your new property. While we check the Searches and documents received from your seller's solicitors, your mortgage company will liaise directly with you over the making of your mortgage offer. A few weeks after you apply for your mortgage, you should receive a formal written offer. We will also receive a copy and will then check with you that the terms and conditions are what you expected. You should also check with the mortgage company as to their requirements regarding property and life insurance. If you are arranging your own property insurance this should be ready to be placed on risk on exchange and must be acceptable to the mortgage company. We will require a copy of the Building Insurance Schedule and if you require us to organise this, we have a number of trusted professionals to do so.

When all our enquiries have been answered, the Search results received and your mortgage offer confirmed, we will send to you the Contract to sign having given to you a full written explanation. If you wish to have an appointment to discuss any papers in person this can be arranged during normal office hours.

Signing the contract

When you are satisfied with everything, you must sign the Contract and provide us with a deposit. The deposit normally requested by your seller's solicitors will be 10% of the purchase price. However, if you have a high percentage mortgage we can try and negotiate a smaller deposit with the seller's solicitors. If you are selling a property, it may be possible to use the deposit we receive from your Buyers.

Once the seller and everyone else in your “chain” has signed and returned their Contracts and deposited monies to their solicitors, and once everyone has agreed a moving date (which we call the Completion Date), Contracts are exchanged.

At this point you are legally bound to buy the property and the seller is legally bound to move out and transfer it you on the completion date.

Between exchange and completion, we help prepare for your move. We collect the mortgage monies from your mortgage company, arrange for you to sign the final papers, carry out checks to ensure the sellers have no hidden mortgages that they have not told us about and provide you with a Financial Statement confirming what additional monies we will require from you prior to completion (if any) to cover the cost of things such as Stamp Duty Land Tax, Land Registry and Legal fees.

On the Completion Date we pass the monies to your seller's solicitors and you then collect the Keys from the Estate Agents.

After completion we pay any relevant Stamp Duty Land Tax to the Inland Revenue, and arrange for the title Deeds to be transferred into your name at the Land Registry. Once this has been completed we will send you a copy of the new Deeds to show that you have completed the purchase of your new home.

Selling a property

Once you have instructed us to act for you, we will need to find out a lot of information about your property so we will send you a client questionnaire to fill in and return to us. If you are selling a Leasehold Property (such as a flat or maisonette) we will also need details of any ground rent or service charge paid by you.

You will probably have a mortgage on the property so you will need to give us the name of your mortgage company and your mortgage account details as quickly as possible.

We will obtain the Title Deeds from your mortgage company (if you do not have a mortgage we will need you to provide us with the original Deeds) and prepare a Contract.

We can do all of the above even before you have secured a Buyer for your property. By doing this, the legal process should be faster once you have a Buyer.

We will send a Contract, copies of your Deeds and the Information Forms you complete to your buyer's solicitors. We will deal with any additional queries that they may have. We will try to do this without troubling you if we can, but we may need to refer some enquiries to you, or possibly to others such as the Local Authority, or your managing agents or landlords if you are selling a flat.

Once we have dealt with your buyer's questions, and your buyer is happy to proceed, we will send you the Contract to sign and return to us.

When all the people in your “chain” have signed and returned their Contracts to their Solicitors and agreed a moving date (which we call the Completion Date), we can exchange Contracts.

We will only exchange Contracts when you tell us that you are happy to proceed.

When Contracts are exchanged, the Buyer is legally bound to buy the Property and you are bound to move out on or before the Completion Date.

On the Completion Date we will receive the purchase monies from your Buyers solicitors, pay off any mortgage you may have on the Property, pay the Estate Agents who sold your home, deduct our legal fees and then use the balance either towards the purchase of your new home, or if you are not buying a new home, we will transfer the balance to your account.

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